• I live because
    someone gave.

    - Jack Tillery,
    Heart & Kidney Recipient
    Moss Bluff, LA

  • Volunteering produces smiles, get involved!
    - Dutchtown High School Student Volunteers,
    2013 Donor Family Picnic 
  • Donation can (help) heal hearts!
    - Heart recipient Marilyn with her donor Justin's mom, Libbie

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August 14, 2006 was a typical Monday. At 9 o'clock in the morning, Bobby pulled into the driveway. I took a break from work, and he and I had a wonderful talk. Pictured above, Bobby at age 7.

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Our organization provides an unwavering commitment to excellence through dedication, compassion, integrity, self-responsibility, and courage. We invite you to explore the career opportunities that LOPA has to offer.
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